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In there, boy. In there. In your head. That’s the devil, boy. That’s the devil talkin’ to ya. Oh, but he’s slick, boy. He can make white black and black white. He can make the sweet symphony of truth sound like a cacophony of lies. And he can pass off absolute nonsense for pure knowledge. That’s right, boy. He’ll make you think you’re smart. Make ya think you’re a genius. And he can make thousands believe you, and there can be millions that would agree with you, and there could be billions that would follow you, and you could make every single soul on the planet be on your side...every single soul but one. And do you know who that one would be, boy? Well, I’ll tell you who that one would be. He would be me, boy. Me. For I know what the truth is and I shall never falter. For verily I say, “Woe unto he who turns away from the truth, for it is better to die a martyr than live as a sinner. But better yet to kill a sinner.” Now, boy, it’s up to you. I can open the door for you, but it’s you that’s got to step through. What’s it gonna be? Heaven or Hell? Light or darkness? Pain or pleasure? What’s it gonna be? You know, I can go on baptizing all night long.