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Goddamnit!  It’s got to stop!  It’s these dandelions, that’s what it is.  Did you know from seed to sexual maturation is only 15 days for a dandelion?  It’s pretty yellow flower lasts but a day.  Three days from blooming it spits forth its seeds.  One dandelion plant – just one – is capable of releasing up to 300 viable seeds.  You know what I mean by viable, don’t you?  Each and everyone of them is capable of becoming a healthy, thriving plant.  But let’s say they only produce 100.  Just 100.  One third.  If the first plant bloomed on the first of April, by October the first, that one little plant would be responsible for 600 million other plants.  600 million!  Do you have any idea just how many dandelions that would be?  That’s enough to go around the moon twice, end on end.  That’s enough to fill up the northern end of the Grand Canyon.  That’s enough to cover the entire state of Delaware three feet deep.  Three feet!  At that rate, the entire United States could be covered 17 feet deep in less than 8 years.  And that’s only from one plant.  One plant.  But there’s more than one plant to begin with.  There’s no end.  How long do we have?  How long will it take before there are dandelions everywhere?  They blow on the wind.  Don’t you see?  They’ve got to be stopped.