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So, you’re from Harrison, Arkansas, are ya?  I was there.  About thirty years ago.  I ate in this little restaurant up on a hill.  Everybody told me to go there.  Said it was the best place in town.  Everybody said, “Ya got to have the frog legs.”  And I like a good frog leg.  So I went to the restaurant and I order me some of their frog legs.  And they was the worst frog legs that I ever ate.  So I tried to send them back.  Hell, I couldn’t eat ‘em.  Nobody could eat ‘em.  But they wouldn’t give me anymore.  And they wouldn’t give me my money back.  Said I’d done ate half of ‘em.  Hell, I hadn’t eaten more than a leg, maybe two.  So this big ass cook comes out and tells me to get out.  That’s just what he says, “Get out!”  Like he knows something.  And I says, “Hell, you eat ‘em.”  And he takes a swing at me and I swing back, and next thing I know there’s about six guys on me, all kickin’ and punchin’ and spittin’.  They spit on me!  And they threw me out of that restaurant, said if I didn’t get out of town they’d kick my ass even more.  Well, I left.  But from that day on I’ve told myself that everybody I meet from Harrison, Arkansas, well, I’m going to kick his ass.  And buddy, I guess it’s your turn.