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Hi.  So you’re my new partner.  I’d like to say that I’m looking forward to working with you.  However, under court order, it is required that you read each of these documents and initial each one... there, at the bottom.  You will also need to sign and date each one.  The first one is a disclaimer, stating that you voluntarily took this position and that you have specifically been given the rest of this information.  You initial it now, stating that you have seen it, and after we finish with the rest, then you will sign and date it.  The next form is whom we should notify in case of death or serious injury, your physician, and preferred hospital.  Also, on the following pages, which are actually amendments to this form, are your funeral preferences and your religious affiliation.   If you wish no religious involvement, please indicate such.  Do not leave the form blank.  The next form is what is known as a living will.  It lets your next of kin know your wishes should you enter a persistent vegetative state.  Actually, they say this is more for them than you.  And finally, your organ donor registry.  Please make sure you indicate your blood type.  OK.  Now back to the first page, and sign there... and the date.    Wait, you forgot the date.