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Thank You, Heavenly Father, for this food that we are about to share, brought to us through Your bounty.  And Your mercy.  And thank You for this fellowship.  This joining together of believers.  True believers.  Even though we barely know each other, these good people were kind enough to let me, a stranger, into their home.  They are kind enough to share as a witness to the ever-redeeming bounty of our Saviour, our Lord, Jesus Christ.  Jesus, Who died on the cross to bring us Salvation.  Praise be to God.  Jesus, who died to bring us forgiveness for our sins.  For it is truly forgiveness that Jesus has taught us.  To be able to forgive those around us.  Those nearest to us.  Those who may have sinned, even though they have yet, if ever, to be caught by... by the civil authorities.  For what power does man have over Heaven?  What good is forgiveness here on earth if we are not forgiven in Heaven?  And if we are forgiven in Heaven, what need for retribution is there here on earth?  And praise Jesus, there is no sin that the Lord is not willing to forgive if your heart truly feels, truly desires to be forgiven.  The Lord will even forgive the cold blooded murder of innocent people who were kind enough to let you into their homes to share what little they may have.  Beating them mercilessly with your plate until it shatters, and then using the ragged pieces to slash and gouge, to tear and maim and disembowel.  Watching sadistically as they convulse on the floor with the last bit of life gushing out onto the linoleum while you sit down covered in their blood to eat the meal they so kindly prepared for you.  Oh, yes, Lord, that, too, can be forgiven.  No matter how many times you might do it.  For all is possible through the bounty of our Lord, our Saviour, Jesus Christ.  Amen.