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The Holy Grail Press, established in 1982, has been successfully publishing nothing for almost 40 years.  Everything here is the sole creation of Michael Soetaert, though none of the editorial staff is willing to admit it.  But that’s just an argument that spirals into schizophrenia.  Please send all inquires to the Holy Grail Press in care of the Internet.

© Copyright 2021, Holy Grail Press, Portland, Oregon.



The Holy Grail Press would like to recognize its editorial staff, many of whom make this publication possible.


Earl Eldridge

General Editor, Webmaster, and Poetry & Drama Editor

Mrs. Vula Bimbaum

English Language Consultant

Duckworth Hollingsway

Medical Editor and Contributor

The Reverend Bob Bidwell

Religion and Science Editor

Mandrake Chapman

Professional Grant Writer and Contributing Editor 

Mary Ann Joblonski

Journalism Consultant and History Editor

Dr. Ivan Tupidsay

Technical Consultant and Academic Advisor

Giovanni Pizza

Contributing Editor and Botanical Advisor

The Honorable Leonard K. Bullfinch, Senator-at-Large

Political Editor and Legal Advisor

Michael Soetaert

Regional Editor and Contributor

Wide-eyed Willie

Musical Coordinator (Appears courtesy of Amish Records)

Mrs. Gundersen

Quality Control