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"Doing Absolutely Nothing for Over 35 Years."


The Holy Grail Press is dedicated to promoting work that standard publishers... you know, those with standards, might be reluctant to publish, which pretty much leaves poetry.  And let's face it:  No one publishes poetry.  So in the end, we’re left with a lot of free time.




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Sunday, October 14, 2018

4:13 pm pdt 

Wednesday, October 3, 2018


We are the Lemurites.  We believe the only way to worship our creator is to shun the modern world and all its technology, so we live in trees, like our ancestors, the Lemurs.  Nothing good has ever come form living on the ground.  First comes fire, and the next thing you know, everybody's hitting each other over the head with sticks.  So we stay in the trees.  Life is easier, more simpler, that way.  Of course, you can take it too far, like the Algeans.  They think we never should've left the oceans.  That's just nuts. 

3:58 pm pdt 

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